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H2020 Media Projects’ Workshop: Collaboration Towards the Future of Media

We attended an exciting event in Brussels on the 17th October 2017, in order to spark collaboration among all H2020 media related projects managed by Unit DG CONNECT-I4.

I3 London ‘Media Innovation & Investment’ event

We presented X5GON at an Investor Meeting – a one day event packed with insight, advice and collaboration, hosted by F6S, the world’s largest platform for founders in Hackney Wick London. It focused on different options for funding R&D in the media sector in Europe, that is, funding from the European Commission, private investors, corporates and alternative sources, organisedby the European Commission funded project I3.

Thank you for making the AI and OER event a success

On Sept 18-19, the OER community turned out to enjoy a much needed technology mapping excersize day at the 2nd World OER Congress in Ljubljana. The goal was to present the OER landscape and its challenges, to researchers and techies. The event was, once again, a great success, and we hope all participating enjoyed it as much as we did.

Successful launch of the X5GON project

The kick-off was in parallel with the 2nd UNESO World Open Educational Resources (OER) Congress  and Artificial Intelligence: Research, Technology and Business in OER satellite event, both designed and organized by X5GON personnel. Key results of both events are the Dynamic Coalition in OER, Ljubljana OER Action Plan Document and Ministers Statement.

The kick-off focused on the fivefold solutions offered by X5GON to global OER sites:

  • Cross-modal: technologies for multimodal content understanding;
  • Cross-site: technologies to transparently accompany and analyse users across sites;
  • Cross-domain: technologies for cross domain content analytics;
  • Cross-language: technologies for cross lingual content recommendation;
  • Cross-cultural: technologies for cross cultural learning personalisation.
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