The European Network for Catalysing Open Resources in Education (ENCORE+) responds to the European priorities of opening up and modernising education and training through the creation of a network that supports innovation and entrepreneurship with OER.

ENCORE+ starts from the insight that while there are viable, established strategies for OER there is no integrated European OER university-business ecosystem able to identify, catalyse and share best practices. ENCORE+ will support the uptake of OER through business and academia by sharpening value propositions and implementation strategies for OER in higher education and the world of work.

  1. ENCORE+ develops a European OER innovation area by connecting stakeholder communities & fostering knowledge exchange
  2. ENCORE+ realises a new vision for collaboration and connection between OER repositories in a European OER Ecosystem, encouraging entrepreneurship and empowerment through OER
  3. ENCORE+ fosters the uptake of OER in Europe by stimulating the integration of organisational strategies for OER in business & academia, encouraging both to co-learn from implementations
  4. ENCORE+ establishes open, distributed & trusted community review strategies for OER and involves businesses and HEIs in dialogues on quality and innovation
  5. ENCORE+ engages businesses in the OER ecosystem, demonstrating the innovation potential of open content for human resource development

ENCORE+ will bring about an overarching consensus through sharing expertise across business and higher education; and will sustain community ‘Circles’ that will apply, validate and disseminate outcomes. ENCORE+ builds the foundation for the European OER Ecosystem which can best support innovation and inclusion in education and training; improve digital skills; improve employability; and share the benefits of open online learning with as many Europeans as possible.

  • Developing a validated, shared vision and roadmap for OER in Europe
  • Providing a sustainable European collaboration model which responds to authentic needs
  • Working with diverse stakeholders to create and pilot the ENCORE+ OER Quality Framework
  • Establishing European OER Strategy Guidelines for higher education & businesses
  • Establishing a well connected European OER Ecosystem of technologies & communities