Business dynamic, research and innovation, and investments in AI are increasingly being influenced by the development of interactions among all stakeholders (“multiple helix” approach). More actors are involved in AI knowledge creation and the innovation process. Universities and research institutions collaborate with business enterprises, hospitals, local municipalities, public services providers and citizen organisations.

At the same time, the research, innovation and business process is changing with the transition towards open science, open innovation and open education, and rapid increase of funding in AI, as well as the computational capacity. The focus is increasingly on developing, testing and rolling out a large number of solutions for the benefit of citizens and local jobs. This shows the way for new hot-spots of AI knowledge and co-creation globally.

The challenge is to map the landscape across countries and understand what is out there in-the-wild.

The aim of this project is to:

  • Create a bottom-up mapping via a community of AI ambassadors.
  • Focus on the AI distribution in developing countries, specifically in low-middle income countries in 4 regions (Latin America/Caribbean, SSA, MENA, Asia).
  • Deliver an extensive list of AI players in developing countries and infographics.
  • Create first global directory for AI hot spots, and matching SDGs.

The map will identify players in three clusters:

  • Private sector – startups and accelerators.
  • University labs and public sector.
  • NGOs, CSOs, think tanks, development projects.
  • International Development Research Centre is a Canadian federal Crown corporation that invests in knowledge, innovation, and solutions to improve lives and livelihoods in the developing world
  • UNESCO’s Communication and Information Sector (CI), Section for ICT in Education, Science and Culture (CI/KSD/ICT)
  • Knowledge 4 All Foundation is an NGO based in the UK and has a community of 1000 machine learning researchers and makes use of the largest collection of AI video lectures
  • City.AI is a global non-profit network headquartered in the Netherlands. AI practitioners across 55+ cities on 6 continents are connecting, learning and sharing with the ultimate goal to enable everyone to apply AI. 170+ local ambassadors are the local community leaders and the backbone of City.AI
  • UNESCO Chair in Artificial Intelligence based at UCL in London
  • UNESCO Chair on Open Technologies for OER and Open Learning  setting up the Category 2 Centre on Artificial Intelligence under the auspices of UNESCO.