Join us at the “Research, Technology and Business in OER - the Case for Artificial Intelligence focused satellite at the 2nd World Congress on Open Educational Resources in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 19th September 2017.

Knowledge 4 All Foundation would like to take advantage of the momentum it has created with its activities in technology and research for Open Education, and align with Companies, Policymakers, Experts and Researchers into a think tank to provide real-life and data driven inputs to policy making bodies at the Congress.

It will bring together representatives of Ministries of Education, Science and Culture of most EU Member States, Data industry experts, Researchers as well as representatives of intergovernmental organisations such as OECD, UNESCO and others.

The aim is to discuss business, technologies and research on open education and OER building on the Congress theme of “mainstreaming OER - from commitment to action”, The event is by-invitation only and can be followed via the hashtag #oercongress on Twitter.

End result of this event:

  • Theme - Capacity of users to access, re-use and share OER: Identifying a set of basic and advanced technologies that can be immediately deployed across OER siloes repositories in order to extract value for users.
  • Theme - Ensuring inclusive and equitable access to quality OER: Identifying technologies and addressing equitable access to quality lifelong learning for all, including persons with disabilities.
  • Theme - Language and Culture: Initiating a programme of ground-breaking actions that will deliver, by 2022, an online OER market free of language barriers, delivering automated translation quality, equal to currently best performing language pair/direction, in most relevant use situations and for at least 90% of the learners in UNESCO official languages.
  • Theme - Changing business models: Initialise a process of creating a level playing field for attracting businesses to the Openness agenda and defining services for OER that can potentially lead to innovative business models and new revenue streams, including companies that are not in the traditional education market.
  • Theme - Development of supportive policy environments: Initialise initiatives for openness to properly Open-up and improve access to data, materials, etc., as it is not enough just to open national databanks and “open up” governments, which are the main funders of OER, but require enactment of sound policies at the highest possible level, their follow-ups and implementation measurability, and allow for businesses’, researchers’, and technologists’ engagement in the nested process.
  • Theme: Security and Privacy: With educational issues present, security and privacy concerns are extremely important and require a renewed attention to both enable teachers and pedagogues to help learners in the best way and allow each user to have full confidence in the protection of his data.